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Urban Farms Milk is the premium most natural milk from India's most advanced dairy farm equipped with the finest and most advanced technology for milking cows and processing milk. True to its name, Urban Farms is a highly equipped farm which makes products of international standard.

Our Dairy Farm

You are always welcome on our farm where we follow all organic practices from growing of feed crops to production of Milk.
You can experience a symbiosis of Organic nature and Modern technology here and how it serves you.

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Meet Our Cows

Our priority is to keep our cows happy. Each cow is a special for us and so treated like. They have bedding material, shady green areas, water sprinklers and foggers to keep them cool. So these perfectly nurtured and pampered happy cows gives creamier milk which tastes better.

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Our Products

Our all milk and milk products are best in each way due to maintained hygiene and standards of high quality measures. Total mechanized process and start to end supply chain which maintain 4° Celsius temperature gives guarantee of Fresh, Chilled milk with all nutrition intact.

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What's Fresh

Instantly Homogenized, Pasteurized, chilled and packaged farm fresh milk - Urban Farms Milk is instantly Pasteurized & Homogenized at a genuine temperature, so that we can retain its nutrition’s value
After pasteurization & Homogenization, it is being chilled, packaged in air-tight sterilized bottles and sent on its way to you in a process that has no human contact. This ensures that we maintain100% purity as well as keep the taste and texture of the milk intact. The milk is 100% unadulterated and free of preservatives.

About Us

Started home delivery service of Premium milk in Pune at competitive price with same line brands and product which liked by customers.

We got a number of new customers as well as shifted from other brands due to best services from our farm, packaging, delivery, rate etc.

Started delivering A2 milk and Ghee from owned cow and farm with large, stable and loyal group of customers.

Now we are upgrading in most of measures from packaging to customer service. Also introducing a wide range of milk byproducts soon.

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Our Products are currently available at select retailers in Connecticut and Pune..
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